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The Legislative Assembly

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In my last post I mentioned making note of some future areas to photograph. Well it didn’t take long for me to use one of those. There has always been a vision in my head of what the Legislative Assembly building would look like at sunset. During my walk with Jenna on May 21, I looked for a good place to get that shot. Later that night Kyla and I went out to grab a coffee and drop one of her friends  off at home after their day of studying. It was about 10:30 pm and it looked like a nice evening to capture sunset. I quickly went back to where Jenna and I had been earlier that day and got set-up to capture the vision I had in my head. I found a good spot and set out to capture the image I wanted. It was a short trip. I got a pretty good image, although I am not sure it is exactly the vision I had. I did note a couple of other places to capture for future reference. Here is the image I made while Kyla stood by to hold off the mosquitos, lol. I hope you enjoy the shot (if you follow me on Facebook it may look familiar). Thanks for being here and as always Happy Shooting!


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