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Ulukhaktok, NWT & Skills Canada/NWT

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I am rather lucky to have some great clients at my day job. One of those is Skills Canada/NWT. Skills is a not for profit organization that promotes trades and technology training for young Canadians. I am involved with Skills in a couple of ways. First, my office provides finance and accounting services to Skills Canada/NWT. Second, I am the volunteer Technical Chair for Skills Canada/NWT’s Photography competitions. Jan Fullerton, the Executive Director, has a great passion for her organization. Over the past year she has been working on a program to expand the organization to provide even more service and support in the area of skills training. I was made aware of the program during its early development and asked to be involved as it is going to be unbelievably rewarding. The Reader’s Digest version of the program is; Skills Canada/NWT would like to expand its support of skilled trades and technology to aid the youth involved to have better business skills while using their skills to help northern communities to have better capacity and to become less reliant on the larger centres. It is also designed to aid the Skills Clubs in the area to become less reliant on funding from Skills Canada/NWT so, in the event that the funding provided were to be reduced, the area club would be able to continue to provide support and training where it is needed. It is a big project, much bigger then I make it sound here.

There are three pilot communities in which the new program will run. The pilot project will run for three years with the possibility of more communities being added during that time and definitely more being added once the pilot project runs its course. I had the pleasure of travelling with Jan to the three pilot communities in late May. As the Finance Officer for the project (and for Skills Canada/NWT) my first role is to provide finance training, support and set-up for the project. As the Technical Chair for the Photography program, I will get to assist with the running of that program as well. Providing support, equipment and training to both the photography instructors and students in each area.

The first community Jan and I visited was Ulukhaktok. Ulukhaktok is on Victoria Island in the Arctic Ocean, it is well above the treelike and accessible by aircraft only. There is no road to the community. I would suggest you Google Ulukhaktok to see where it is located. When we landed, I believe I said wow for the first hour we were there. What a beautiful landscape. We had a couple of days there and those days consisted of several meetings with a few different groups. I, of course, brought my camera equipment. With the sun never setting I was sure to get some time to photograph. Jan and I would take advantage of every opportunity to hike around the area and capture what we saw. It was an amazing experience, both for photography and for the project which was starting. I well give everyone reading this advise; if you ever get the chance to be involved in a project that provides services need by others with no cost to those in need, please jump at the chance the reward is much greater than you can imagine. I feel strongly about that, so much so that I wish I could find a way to work permanently to find dollars only to give those dollars away (or providing a need with the dollars). The reward is worth more than any monetary reward, much more. Thanks Jan and Skills Canada/NWT for the opportunity.

Here are some images from Ulukhaktok, NWT. Enjoy, thanks for reading and as always Happy Shooting!

Ulukhaktok from the top of Third Hill.

Queen’s Bay, Ulukhaktok in May 2012

The Ulukhaktok Landscape – East side of the Community

A Young Ulukhaktok Sled Dog.

Canada Geese south of the Ulukhaktok Golf Course

An Arctic Hare on the Bluff between the Ulukhaktok Golf Course and RCAF (Air Force) Lake.


Written by leesacrey

June 25, 2012 at 7:00 AM

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