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Young Chicks!

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A couple of weeks back Megan and Jenna went out for a short bike ride. They generally stay close to home and travel just within a couple of blocks. This one particular day they came home and said “Dad we saw something that would be cool for you to photograph”. Dale and I jumped in the truck and slowly followed the girls as they paddled around the neighbourhood (I know I should have biked as well, lol). We finally got to where the girls wanted me to photograph (about three blocks away from home) and there in a tree about two feet from the sidewalk and five feet high was a Robin’s nest. In a tree about twenty feet away were two Robins (I assumed a mom and dad) with worms or some type of food in their beaks. Just below them on the ground was a large cat. The cat looked hungry but, soon he disappeared, lol. In the nest were three or four chicks, waiting to be feed. I was surprised how close the nest was to where people would walk and I was a little concerned with what would happen to the chicks. I wasn’t going to try to do anything with them other than photograph them. Although, I could see them, they weren’t in a good position to get good images and the food wasn’t being delivered with us standing so close. I had the girls move away and I moved to the opposite side of the truck. Once we were a little farther away mom and dad flew in and the feeding began. I didn’t get any great images but, it was still fun to watch. As I did move in for a shot one of the Robins flew at me to let me know I was getting to close. Again I moved away. Dale and I told the girls to keep their distance while biking to let the chicks and the parents feel comfortable. I think Megan and Jenna enjoyed the show as well. Knowing the girls wanted a picture I did keep a couple and I promised I would post at least one. Here is my photo of the young chicks. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the show. Thanks for reading and as always Happy Shooting!


Written by leesacrey

June 29, 2012 at 7:00 AM

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  1. Pretty cool! Not sure, maybe getting in the pan of the truck may have given you a better view for a photograph. Only thing the mom and dad may not have liked that either. : )


    June 29, 2012 at 9:46 AM

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