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Summer Travels 2012 – part 9

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Today was a big shopping day for Dale and the girls. There are usually only one or two of those days on our summer trips. There are lots of days visiting different little gifts and touristy kinds of shops but, spending most of the day in the malls or box stores, well those shopping trips are few while we travel. Today, while the ladies shopped, Bella the dog and I went for a couple of small hikes. The first was near the High Level Bridge (which I already posted about) and the other was along the banks of the Old Man River. A few days ago I saw what appeared to be some pelicans down near the river’s edge and I wanted to see if I could find a place to photograph them. I took a drive down near Fort Whoop-up and the Nature Centre past Electrical Substation 111B and a water treatment plant. There I found an area where people who would raft down the Old Man river would launch their rafts. From there was about a 1.5 kilometre trail which took me past the Lethbridge Police shooting range and the K9 training area and all the way the river’s edge. Directly across from me were about eight pelicans. They were far enough away that my being there wouldn’t make them leave and with my Sigma 120 – 400 mm lens I should be able to photography them. I grabbed a few images while Bella walked into the river to cool down and get a drink. We stayed only for a few minutes before heading back. On the return hike I got some images of the flowers that grew along the trail, Dale would like to see those. It was a good way to spend the day. Here is what Bella and I saw on our walk, enjoy the photos, thanks for hanging around and as always Happy Shooting.


Written by leesacrey

July 19, 2012 at 7:00 AM

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