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Summer Travels 2012 – part 11

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For the past few years the girls want to visit antique stores at the places we travel. Jenna, who is ten, always says that we should go picking, which to her is what we do when we go to the antique stores. There are several antique stores here in Lethbridge and we did visit quite a few. We made purchases in three of them. In the first, which I believe was Antiques on 9th, Kyla found a Lennon and McCartney piano, vocal and guitar chord book and I saw an old Konica camera. The camera was a Konica S, which the company said was for standard, it is a range finder camera with a 48 mm f2.8 lens. I had never seen one of these before and this one looked to be in excellent condition. It had the leather case and strap, the manual and even the brochure from the store in Toronto where it was purchased. Inside the case there was an address written and there was a name and address stuck to the back of the camera. The lady at the antique store said she got it at an estate sale here in Lethbridge, it was from a couple who had moved from Ontario and had no children to pass the items down to. I really liked the camera and the store was asking forty dollars for it. I decided it would make a good show piece on a shelf somewhere. It would be the start of an antique camera collection, I thought. When I got back to our campsite I looked the camera over and still couldn’t believe the condition. I thought that the camera might actually work. I brought some 35 mm film with me as I was already carrying my Minolta Maxxum 7 and I knew the Konica S used 35 mm film. I attempted to load some film and proceeded to shoot with the camera but, something didn’t feel right. I actually took the manual and reread the part about loading film. I was sure I did it right but, I thought I would open the back and see what was happening. If that ruined the film that would be fine, I had loaded some out dated Kodak 400 Max film anyway. To my surprise the film wasn’t actually rolling off and I hadn’t gotten any images. This was actually a blessing in disguise as I was using the first roll to learn how the camera and its manual focus system worked. I reloaded the film and now, with my new-found knowledge, went about taking a full roll of Megan and Jenna at the swimming pool. I really have a new appreciation for photographers from fifty or sixty years ago. This old camera was hard to use, the newer film cameras and the new digital ones make things so much easier. Even in manual mode my new camera makes life very easy. This Konica S has all the controls on the lens, aperture, shutter speed, asa (film speed) the type of metering, the self timer and of course the focus ring are all on the lens. The focus ring actually shows the distance from the subject and throughout the view finder (which is both the view finder and range finder) there is a small square in the centre which shows two different colour images, you have the turn the focus ring until both images overlap perfectly. In addition there is a meter on top of the camera which tells you if your exposure is set correctly. It has a needle that has to line up with an arrow on one side. To far one way and you image is over exposed and to far the other it will be under exposed. It was taking me quite a while to get set up for any image, however did photographers back in the day use these things. I managed to get through a roll of film and was imagining how horrible the photos were going to be but, I was bring the film to the London Drugs Photo Lab and was hoping they won’t laugh at how bad the photos were. While waiting for my film a decided to do some more research. The Konica S was introduced in 1959 by the Konishiroku Photo Ind. Co. Ltd in Tokyo Japan. It had a choice of lenses, a Hexanon 50 mm f1.8, a Hexanon 48 mm f2.0 or a Hexar 48 mm f2.8. Mine has the Hexar 48 mm. Mine has the Everready Case and a Konifilter UV filter. It was purchased at the Japan Camera Centre, 4 Edward Street, Toronto. There is a date written in the manual, which I assume is the date of purchase, that date is September 12, 1960. Inside the brochure there is a price written of $ 89 but, it looks to have been written recently (I can’t find an original price online anywhere yet). Collectiblend.com has a price range of $ 50 to $ 60 dollars for average condition, $ 70 – $ 80 for very good and $ 120 – $ 140 for mint condition. Based on that I got a deal. Anyway back to the images. Below are some shots of the Konica S and three shots that were taken with the fifty-two year old camera. This thing is going to be fun. I hope you enjoy the images, thanks for reading and as always Happy Shooting. Tomorrow, I promise I will be back to vacation images.

The Konica S in it’s Everready Case.

Jenna in the Bridgeview RV Resort pool.

Megan runs in!


Written by leesacrey

July 21, 2012 at 7:00 AM

2 Responses

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  1. Jenna you are growing up so fast.. and Megan you are the real athlete.

    loretta Beck

    July 27, 2012 at 4:05 PM

  2. You were lucky Lee..looks like a super camera!

    loretta Beck

    July 27, 2012 at 4:06 PM

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