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Summer Travels 2012 – Part 12

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With Lethbridge as our home based we planned on making some day trips from there. That never really happened with one exception, Waterton National Park. Waterton was the one place I told everyone I had to visit. I would have like to either leave early in the morning and catch sunrise there or grab a tent and sleeping bag and stay for a night. However when we are traveling as a family my priorities change and although we didn’t leave for sunrise we did depart fairly early. I made note of some things I wanted to photograph on our return to Lethbridge and Dale kept telling me “If you see something you should stop and capture it” (which turned out to be advice I should have taken). My focus was on getting to Waterton. We arrived at the gate to the park and as we paid for our day pass I asked if there had been any wildlife sightings this morning. “Two bears and a moose on the road to Red Rock Canyon”, I was told. So our first visit was to do the 14 km drive up the Red Rock Canyon road. We did stay at the canyon a while before heading into to the village for lunch and on the total of 28 kilometres we saw seven bears, seven elk, two deer and some ground hogs and ground squirrels and many different types of birds. We stopped at driftwood beach for a while as well and from there I got some images of the Prince of Wales Hotel. We also visited Cameron Falls and we drove the 30 kilometres (return trip) to and from Cameron Lake, following Cameron Creek. Dale and I commented on the fact the NWT has a Cameron Falls, a Cameron River and we have the Prince of Wales Heritage Museum. While we were at Cameron Lake rain started to fall as a thunder storm moved into the area. It was now about 4:15 pm and with the rain falling we decided to head back to Lethbridge. It rained pretty much the entire return trip, so most of my must-stop photo places weren’t must-stop anymore (this is where you say I should have listened to my wife, lol). I was able to capture a few but, it wasn’t at all like I had planned. We got back at around 6:30 pm and settled in for a relaxing evening. It was a good day. Here are some of the things we saw. Enjoy the images, thanks for staying tuned and as always, Happy Shooting.















Written by leesacrey

July 22, 2012 at 7:00 AM

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