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Summer Travels 2012 – part 13

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Another great day in Lethbridge, we went into the Wednesday Farmer’s Market held across from the Southern Alberta Art Gallery. From there it was visiting some local shops before heading back to the RV Resort. We met my cousin and her family at the market and it was decided we would have a BBQ at our campsite. Later in the evening when Dawn and her family were heading home they pointed out a small snake which was on the road into the resort. I grabbed my camera and headed over. Kyla followed with her camera (which I believe is still mine actually, lol) and she grabbed some images as well. Jenna and Megan soon came by for a look. It was a small garter snake, not that I knew but, someone came by and told us. As we left some young boys came for a look and the last we say the small snake was being carried away. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about that but, Dale reminded me of my frog catching days was I was a kid so I left without saying much. The little snake was beautiful and had some great patterns on his skin. We don’t see snakes very often so, this was a treat for me. The last trip where snakes were discussed was when Kyla and I went to rattle snake school while we were in Denver in 2005. They do have rattle snakes in southern Alberta but, we didn’t see any of those. Here are some images of the little guy. Enjoy, stay plugged in for more news and images from our trip and as always, Happy Shooting.







Written by leesacrey

July 23, 2012 at 7:00 AM

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