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Summer Travels 2012 – Part 15

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We have moved on from our ten days in Lethbridge and have moved to Calaway Park Campground just west of Calgary. Here we will spend our next five nights. As I had done before, I noted places to photograph as we drove south to Lethbridge and as before the weather made most of them difficult to capture on the way back. Just another time Dale was right and I should have grabbed the images as I saw them and not waited. There was one place I wanted to capture rain or shine and that was Stavely. As we drove south I noted the big grain elevator there and really want to get an image of it. When driving back north I stopped at a road side turnout and took a few photos. I didn’t really get the image I had imagined but, I am not sure if I even could have once I got the my vantage point. I captured several images and my favourite is shown below, note the dark grey rainy sky, it was a wet afternoon drive. After only a few hours we were approaching Calgary. We just had to get through the city and west to Calaway. I left the route I wanted to take in the trailer so, we would just wing it. It wasn’t that hard as getting around the outskirts of Calgary is pretty easy. We got set up and quickly went to restock a few supplies. We then settled in for the night. In the morning we got ready to spend the day at the amusement park. Everyone had a fun time. Dale, Jenna and Megan stayed just a little longer then Kyla and I. We left a little early to get a rest and check on Bella the dog who was in her kennel. All was good back at our RV home. We took dozens of photos throughout the day and here are a few. Enjoy, thanks for follow our summer adventure and as always Happy Shooting.


The Stavely Elevator


Shoot the Chutes


The Vortex


Bumper Boat Splash Challenge


The Wave Rider





Written by leesacrey

July 25, 2012 at 7:00 AM

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