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Summer Travels 2012 – part 18

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From Calaway we traveled a whopping 164 kilometres to Lake Louise. The campground at Lake Louise is really nice and I believe we will spend two weeks just in that campground in the next year or two. We get set up and quickly run to the market. Some advice, do all your grocery shopping in Calgary or Canmore before heading into Lake Louise. The market is nice but the prices are quite a bit more. Even fuel, I paid twenty-three cents more per litre then I did just one and a half hours away. Still Lake Louise is a great place to stay. After we get the supplies restocked we drive into Lake Louise (the actual lake) and look around, we also head to Moraine Lake. It is mid to late afternoon, not the greatest time for landscape photography but, I take a few shots anyway. I had to shoot because, Moraine Lake is one of those iconic locations in Banff National Park and although I have been to BNP many times I have never been to Moraine Lake. I know strange, right? We visit these places for a while and then head back toward the Village. We light a fire and sit around chatting and cook dinner over of the open flames. It was a great day. The forecast is calling for rain overnight and in the morning but, I make plans to rise early to see what photographic opportunities there might be. Alarm set for 5:30 am. Time to call it a night. Here are some shoots from today. Thanks for hanging out and as always Happy Shooting.

The Bow River through the Lake Louise Campground.

Lake Louise in mid-afternoon.

Moraine Lake in the afternoon # 1

Moraine Lake in the afternoon # 2

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July 28, 2012 at 7:00 AM

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  1. Such an amazing place! We have only been to Moraine Lake in the spring. It was mostly frozen over still, so we didn’t get to see that amazing blue. Definitely a place we will have to spend a lot more time at in the future.

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