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Summer Travels 2012 – Part 22

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So, we have reach the finale. The final post of my Summer Travels 2012 series. We have left Twin Falls Territorial Park and are headed home to YK (of course this is July 29). I don’t have any stops planned for this leg, I guess the plan is to play it by ear. McNallie Creek is a normal stop for me on this route and I can’t help but stop again. Dale, Megan and I are out of the truck quickly and on the trail. We head to the look out over the falls and note the low water level. Normally I would shoot from the lookout but, today I want a less conventional shot of McNallie. I head to the side of the sinkhole opposite the lookout. I have been here before so it is a little familiar. On this side there is a crack in the rock and at the right angle you can capture the falls through it.  Then a more traditional shot. Still wanting something a little different I pull out my Cokin Yellow/Blue Polarizer. I turn the filter in both directions to see what different effects it creates. Not wanting something too crazy, I settle on one that gives the water a turquoise colour. The shade makes me think about the glacier water in Moraine Lake, Peyto Lake and Lake Louise from earlier in our trip. It also changes the rock color just a little. Being happy with what I captured I head back out the trail. Dale and Megan are already at the truck but, I see them heading back toward the falls. I guess they are checking on my status. To show the height of the sinkhole, I snap a quick image of Dale and Megan standing on the lookout across from where I am. I continue on my way and get back in the vehicle. We are on the road again, the snacks are open and we munch away. Having fueled up in Enterprise there will be no required stops the rest of the way. Once we are on the Merv Hardie (the ferry that crosses the Mackenzie River), we remember the Anthrax notice we were shown when we were leaving three weeks ago. Today there are signs asking people to avoid any animals that may have died near the road way. We see a few Bison but, we continue to drive. We continue to see Bison here and there and I can’t resist getting a few images of the mighty beast, lol. The next stop is our home and three of us run for the bathrooms before unloading the trailer. I think on our next trip the bathroom breaks should be determined by when the driver needs to stop. I want to see how Dale and the girls deal with that, lol. All and all it was a great trip. Now we just need to book some campsite close to home before school starts. Here are some of the last pics from our trip. Thanks to everyone who followed our travels, I hope you enjoyed the stories and images. Watch for more posts soon and as always Happy Shooting.

Falls through the crevice.

The Falls at McNallie Creek.

The Falls with a yellow/blue twist.

Dale and Megan on the lookout.

Highway 3 Bison.


Written by leesacrey

August 1, 2012 at 7:00 AM

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  1. Awesome pictures as always-I think we will have to venture up your way one day to see the beauty of the NWT.


    August 1, 2012 at 11:17 AM

  2. Beautiful photos! Looks like an amazing place. I agree with Dawn, that we should definitely venture north some day.

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