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Camping at Fred Henne Territorial Park – part 2

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Saturday, our first full day of our weekend camping trip and our second night at the park. Similar to the previous day, I wandered around the area capturing different images. I planned to hike the Prospector’s Trail but, that was put off until Sunday Evening as a friend of mine said he would join me on the hike. While hiking around the cliffs on Long Lake, I happened to see a Loon just off in the distance. Megan, ran back to get my second camera with my longer lens attached. Once a had my second camera I was off to follow the Loon. I spent maybe an hour or so hiking back and forth between to different rock outcrops trying to get in front of this beautiful bird. I believe the Loon knew what I was doing and he toyed with me, getting me to move back and forth, back and forth, while not getting the shot I wanted. I did fill two memory cards with Loon images and hopefully when I get through them all I will have at least a couple of great shots. Once I returned to the campsite Jenna insisted I set-up the dome tent. I mean what else could you want at the campground, we have a 30ft travel trailer, with air, dvd system, full bath, flat screen tv, fridge, stove, we even had internet. What we needed was a three person dome tent so we could sleep on the hard ground. Jenna and I did stay in the tent and it was actually a great night. Before we called it a night I got a few shots of Jenna and Bella the dog in the tent.  So, here is what I captured on our second night at Fred Henne. Enjoy, thanks for following along and as always Happy Shooting.












Written by leesacrey

August 13, 2012 at 7:00 AM

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  1. Really nice pictures! Jenna,” cute one of you and Bella”! You,Dad and Bella had a real good camping night.

    loretta Beck

    August 22, 2012 at 3:18 PM

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