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First Fall Aurora of 2012.

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Monday night I was asked by a friend to go out on an Aurora shoot. This would be my first Aurora shoot this season. It was supposed to be a great night for Aurora according to the forecast so, at around 11:15 pm I headed out. I picked up my friend and met another at Vee Lake. The lights didn’t disappoint. We saw multiple colours not just the green that is most usual. I took a couple dozen images and I am posting four here. One has the usual green Aurora but, inside the Aurora I see a dancer. The dancer is bent at the waist with one knee lifted and one arm one in front. You may need a bit of an imagination like me in order to see it. The second is another shot of the green Aurora. This one was taken on the side of Vee Lake Road and while it was taken I left the van running. Shooting behind the van I wondered what effect the red tail lights would have on the image. As you will see the effect certainly changes the image. The last two are similar images with the dock and a reflection in the water. The reason I posted these is that they show green bands of Aurora which at the bottom has shades of red. Hopefully you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed taking them. Until the next post, thanks for stooping by and Happy Shooting.









Written by leesacrey

August 23, 2012 at 7:00 AM

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  1. Brilliant! These are stunning. If you are a match for our collective, I could definitely see featuring these and/or others of your photos. Email if you have any questions or to submit. Happy shooting to you!

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