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Lens Baby 12 mm Fisheye

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Earlier this week I purchased some Lens baby gear, a Composer with a two glass optic, an Edge 80, a 0.42x wide angle accessory and a 12 mm fisheye optic. I have plans for each piece and will post what I find with each here on my blog.

The first piece I decided to spend some time with is the fisheye optic. My big plan for this piece is Aurora and with the fall Aurora season in full swing the fisheye arrived just in time. Although the Aurora hunting has begun I have yet to use the fisheye for it. Instead tonight as I play Dad’s taxi for the girls and their friends I grab my camera with the composer and the fisheye optic and once the girls are delivered I take a quick drive around the airport loop. I stop on the pull out at Jackfish lake and take a few images there. Then it is off to the float plane landing area across from the Airport on Long Lake. Several more images are taken at this location. After only about thirty or forty minutes I am heading back home. When I arrive I sit at the end of our driveway retaining wall and grab a few images of Dale’s work (the flower beds that run the length of the wall). I return inside to load the images and do any post production work. I was happy with my first images with the 12 mm fisheye. Now I can’t wait for my next Aurora shoot so I can try it there. Here is a sample of what I captured. Enjoy, thanks for hanging out and as always Happy Shooting.


Jackfish Lake through the Fisheye.



Long Lake Sunset through the Fisheye.


A Fisheye view of Dale’s Flowers




Written by leesacrey

August 24, 2012 at 7:00 AM

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