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The Ability Cup 2012!

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The Ability Cup is a sailboat race held here in Yellowknife, NWT. It is called The Ability Cup because the important part of the event is the fund-raising for the NWT Disability Council. If I understood the awards ceremony correctly this is the 21st year the event has been held. I am sad to say that I had never heard of The Ability Cup before today. I was asked if I wanted to go by my friend Jan Fullerton. Jan is the Commodore of the Great Slave Cruising Club. The Great Slave Cruising Club, along with the NWT Disability Council, organizes the Cup race as a fund-raiser for the council and today around $ 5000 was raised. Great job to all involved. Jan was going to start the race from her new power boat and asked if I wanted to join her. She thought I would enjoy photographing the event and she certainly was right in thinking that. I have never sailed or even been on a sailboat and didn’t really understand anything about racing them. I was told that like golf, the cup race assigns handicaps to sailboats depending on different criteria. Those handicaps are used to adjust the race times to help match different boats and level the playing field. For the Ability Cup there is a second adjustment made and that has to do with the fund-raising. Each boat that is entered raises funds for the NWT Disability Council and for ever twenty dollars raised a minute was subtracted from the race time. I found the different boats very interesting and I will say I still don’t really understand what the different types are and the advantages or disadvantages of each. I was amazed at the maneuverability of the crafts as the seemed to change direction instantly and with little loss to forward momentum. The sailboats were also much faster than I expected. I also found it interesting that some boats had multiply people onboard (some I am assuming are crew and some just along for the ride) and others had just one person racing solo. In my mind I was rooting for the solo boats as they seemed to have a much harder job to do. Needless to say, now I want a sailboat but, I have no idea as to what type or what I would need. After the race I stayed for the awards and had some nice conversation with several people there. There was live music, a BBQ and friendly people all around. This is an event we all need to embrace. Now that I have been to the Ability Cup I am sure I will be to the next one, I may even go to the regular scheduled races the Cruising Club has. I also need to do some picture-taking from a sailboat, after all I am now hooked after just one event. Again, a big congrats to all those involved, it was a great event. Here are some of the images I was able to capture, enjoy them, thanks for reading along and as always Happy Shooting.
























The Winners!

Written by leesacrey

August 25, 2012 at 10:21 PM

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