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On sunday afternoon I received a text from my friend Trace. Trace and three other people were going out sunday night to try to capture some Aurora. It was overcast but, with Trace recently purchasing a 16-35mm f2.8 Zeiss lens he was going to try it regardless of the conditions. So, at 10:30 pm I left the house to meet Trace and the crew at Vee Lake. We had a big bright moon peeking from behind the clouds and great cloud patterns but, no Aurora. We captured some night-time landscapes and played with some light painting images. After and hour or so the Aurora begins to appear and appear it did. We saw multiple colours and various degrees of brightness. We changed locations a few times to catch some different views (and to get away from something in the trees, lol). We ended our night around 1:30 am and we had a great time. I even got to try the Lens Baby Fisheye (although, I will need some more practice with it at night). Here is a sample of what I was able to capture. Enjoy, thanks for hanging out and as always Happy Shooting.










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