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Critters on the Highway to Enterprise.

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On Tuesday Garry Kelly , one of my business partners, and I went to Enterprise, a community south of Yellowknife about four and a half hours. We had some business to take care of and the drive down and back would provide us some good time to discuss some company business. As with most of my trips with Garry, I would bring my camera gear and Garry would do the driving. Garry is great to travel with as he never has a problem for photography stops. Garry also spots wildlife really well and that is never a bad thing. This trip would be no different. There were different types of birds and wildlife on the trip and I don’t think we missed anything. Even though I sent my cameras settings as we were leaving, when we came to our first animal I was snapping away and my images didn’t look as I had hoped. Sure enough after a number of quick shots, of a Lynx that was moving off the highway, I noticed that my original settings weren’t ideal for the shoot. I changed the settings as we continued on our way. We saw the Lynx, a Fox and several different types of birds. All that and the fact that we did get to discuss some important work issues made it a great trip. Here are some of the images I made on the trip, including one of the Lynx (not a great image but, it does prove I saw it, lol). Thanks for stopping by and as always Happy Shooting.










Written by leesacrey

August 30, 2012 at 7:00 AM

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