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Lens Baby Composer and the Edge 80.

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If you follow my little blog you may have read that I purchased some Lens Baby equipment in the past few weeks. I have done a post on the 12 mm Fisheye piece already and now it is time for a quick post about the Edge 80. The Edge 80 is a small 80 mm optic that mounts on the Lens Baby Composer. Unlike the other optics it has an aperture ring rather than the small magnetic aperture discs. What I wanted to try with these pieces was to capture images where only a very small part of the scene is in focus. By bending the composer the area outside the focal point changes very quickly. When shooting scenes with vehicles, buildings and people you can create a sort of miniature effect. I brought the Lens Baby items with me on the Ability Cup shoot. I was going to use the Edge 80 as a regular lens and then adjust it to really blur everything in the image besides my subject. It worked really well as a regular lens and to create the effect I wanted. Hopefully you like the effect as much as I did. You will notice in each of the images below that each has a point of interest that is in focus and nice and sharp but, the other things in the images have varying degrees of blur. Let me know your thoughts on what you see. Thanks again for being here, enjoy and as always Happy Shooting.








Written by leesacrey

August 31, 2012 at 7:00 AM

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