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Lest We Forget!

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Every Remembrance Day I try to photograph something and post it here on my little blog. It may not be much but, it is a little way I can say thank you to all those who have given so much so we can live and have our freedom. Today we had a little more to do than usual. Jenna, my youngest, marched in the Remembrance Day Parade. She was marching with the Girl Guides and helped carry a flag on the Parade route. The Guides stayed at the Cenotaph during the wreath laying ceremony before continuing on to the Remembrance Day Service at St. Pat’s High School. Kyla, my oldest, was a wreath layer, representing the Catholic Schools along with another student and the School Board Superintendent. I followed both the Parade and the service, taking a few hundred pictures of the events. There were Canadian Forces personnel throughout the School Gym for the service. One of Canada’s finest stood out for me, mainly because he was in my direct line of sight. The big thing I noticed was how he and his children were doing things at the event. I took a few images making sure I didn’t interrupt any private moments. Two of the images really spoke to me. Here is what I heard.

Every Remembrance Day moving forward I would like to see the seats of the Service filled just like this;

Filled with Service Men and Women, surrounded by or in the arms of their family. Home safe and sound.

I don’t wish to see any of these;

No more empty seats waiting to be filled by our Forces Personnel who can’t be here with us at home.

No more Brave Soldiers left in the cold without a warm coat!

Thank you to all of our Forces Personnel for your past and present service.

Lest We Forget!!


Written by leesacrey

November 11, 2012 at 4:08 PM

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