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The lost October posts – part IV

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We have arrived to the final post in the lost October series. On the last weekend of October Garry, my friend and business partner, and I were off to Fort Smith. Garry’s daughter had accepted a new job in Yellowknife and we were going to help her move back to our fair city. As with all my travels, I had my camera equipment with me. Hoping to see all sorts of things during the drive, I was ready to capture lots of great images. We didn’t really spend a lot of time stopping however. The weather didn’t want to cooperate and it made traveling a little risky. All of the images I was able to make were done on the return part of the trip. The first photo session was near a bison which had been killed by a hunter. There were several Ravens and a young Eagle making a meal of the Bison and I captured the Eagle as it sat on a pole waiting for us to leave the area. With Fort Smith being in Wood Buffalo National Park it was only fitting that I capture some Bison as they crossed the highway. We continued to make several stops along the road home, McNally Creek and North Arm Park were a couple of those. Important for me was the MacKenzie River crossing. I was sure this would be my last ferry ride across the river. On November 30 the new bridge will be open and the ferry will be no longer. I captured the bridge (in the snowy overcast light) and the bridge from the Merv Hardie (the ferry used to cross the MacKenzie). When we reached North Arm Park the sun had already set so, I captured an image of the moon above Great Slave Lake. It was a good drive but long, the road conditions were bad and the snow didn’t help. We did make it home without any issues. Here are some images from the drive. Enjoy, thanks for being here and as always Happy Shooting.


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