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Winter Birds Not Snow Birds.

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Winter birds. Here in Yellowknife it is not unusual for us to see ptarmigan. It is one of the things I really look forward to as winter approaches. This winter was no different, but I have already added something I haven’t seen before here in Yellowknife. A few days ago I arrived home only to see some ptarmigan across the street. I grabbed my camera and slowly walked across the street to capture the beautiful white birds. As I was photographing the ptarmigan, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something moving. I quickly turned and saw three birds just in the hedge next to where I was standing. I repositioned as the small birds moved further down the street to a different part of the hedge. I was using my Sigma 120 – 400 mm lens so I still had range to capture them. I snapped a few images. I came inside and loaded the images on my computer. I had a good look at the photos but still had no idea what these strange little birds were. I quickly made a call to a friend of mine, Alietha Martin, to get some info. I knew that she would know what kind of bird this was and on the off-chance she didn’t her partner, John McKay, would. Alietha and John are like the characters in the move The Big Year (I am not sure who in the move Alietha would be or who John would be but, Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson play one of them, lol), they know every bird that exists and have iPhone apps to make birds sounds. Alietha knew immediately that what I had shot was a Waxwing and within a few minutes she clarified that it was a Bohemian Waxwing (which is a winter bird). The bird is beautiful. Good friends are helpful in all kinds of ways. So, within ten minutes of arriving home I capture some ptarmigan and some bohemian waxwings. Just think if I was a Snow Bird, I would travel south for winter and I would have missed a great opportunity to photograph these beautiful winter birds. Here are a few sample images of what I saw. Enjoy, thanks for stopping by and as always, Happy Shooting.

Willow Ptarmigan

Bohemian Waxwing

Willow Ptarmigan posing for the camera.


Written by leesacrey

November 24, 2012 at 3:58 PM

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