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Megan’s canoeing adventure.

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Earlier this year Megan went on a school canoe trip. It wasn’t an easy little afternoon paddle, it was a four-day hike in with your gear and canoe trip. I believe the trip up river was about four or five hours and the return was shorter only about two and a half hours (it is always nice to go with the flow, lol). There were several portages some as long as forty-five minutes and Megan and her canoe mate had a lot of gear to deal with over those. There were eighteen students on the trip (two to a canoe) and I believe three teachers. The group had to carry their tents, sleeping bags, supplies, food and water along with all the canoes. In my mind I actually questioned if Megan would be able to deal with the whole thing but, if Megan couldn’t I was sure no other student would. Megan is a trooper and when she decides something it usually gets done, this just seemed like a big trip. She seemed to have a wonderful time. Like all of the my girls (Kyla, Megan and Jenna), Megan remembered my love of photography and photographs and not to disappoint Megan brought her small point and shoot camera and capture several images. When she got home, I think we went through them before she even got unpacked. She has talked to me several times since about doing some overnight hike in trips. She always points out the new gear she has for such a trip. Her minus seven degree mummy bag, her thirty litre Deuter Adventure Backpack and the three tents we have ready and waiting. She is sure between her bag and my fifty-five litre F-Stop Tilopa bag we should be fine for a few days and nights. I guess we will see if she is right at some point. A few nights ago, Megan was working on some secret project and during her time on the computer she came across her canoe trip images. We took some time and looked through them and I told her which ones I liked and she did the same with me. I told her if she give me the files I could do a little post work and she could have the blog for a couple of days. Well here we are, below are a half-dozen images that Megan captured while canoeing. It looked like a great adventure. Oh, I should tell everyone this story, while Megan was talking to me about the images she mentioned that after she had gotten home and looked at the pictures she noticed that Darwin Wiggett had some similar shots to her canoe images. I jokingly told her that I was sure Darwin was copying her work and she had a good laugh. Just realizing she pays attention to the things and the photographers I follow made me feel great. Thanks Megan. Did I say that I love the four ladies in my life lately. I sure I don’t say it enough. Megan, here are your six images. For everyone else enjoy Megan’s work, thanks for reading and as always Happy Shooting.





Written by leesacrey

November 28, 2012 at 7:00 AM

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