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Yellowknife River Morning.

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I will start by saying that if Adam Hill ever moves from Hay River to Yellowknife I will get some much more shooting time in. Having Adam visit gets me very motivated to go out and photograph, like yesterday. Adam and I were out shooting together again this morning. I had to get Megan to the Orthodontist at 8:00 am and when leaving the Dental Clinic I sent Adam a text so Megan and I could pick him up. The plan was to head to the Yellowknife River and shoot sunrise. Yesterday, when we drove by the river we noticed the mist from the open water and we wanted to try to shoot the rising sun through the mist (it was really Adam’s idea). We headed out and arrived at the time the sun was scheduled to break the horizon. There were two minor issues; The first was that today it was five degrees warmer than yesterday so, the mist wasn’t as noticeable. The second was that there was some cloud cover on the horizon where the sun would come up. We decided to shoot regardless of the conditions being exactly what we wanted. Adam has some kind of sixth sense about this stuff. Before we left I was thinking of shooting film. If I was going to, I would need to grab some batteries for my Minolta Maxxum 7. Adam said that he didn’t think it would be a spectacular sunrise and if I was going to shoot film it should be spectacular (I think he just didn’t want to take the time to stop for batteries, lol). He was right once again, no spectacular sunrise (I did get batteries later in the day however). When we arrived at the Yellowknife River, we parked where the snowmobiles cross the highway and walked to where the open water was. I will say I was a little more cautious than Adam to start and at one point Adam called out and asked about my swimming skills (if something happened he was screwed if I had to swim to get him). Yesterday, at the Cameron River he requested that if he fell in I should save his camera gear (but it is Canon gear so again, screwed, lol). We were at the river for about an hour and from there headed out on the Ingraham Trail to Madeline Lake. We turned back there and returned to Yellowknife. I was home by noon. It was a great morning. Adam and I had some more great conversation. We discussed some planning for the NWT Photography Group and started to discuss the Skills Canada NWT work we now share (you’re welcome Adam, lol). There was even some discussion of a couple of workshop/classes that Adam and I could do together (stay tuned for that). Again, if Adam lived in Yellowknife or I guess if I lived in Hay River, we would do an awful lot of photography projects together. For today however, it was just about shooting the Yellowknife River. Here is a sample of what I saw today. Enjoy the images, thanks for reading and as always, Happy Shooting.

Image 1 - December 2, 2012

This scene reminded me of Dave Brosha’s “The Journey” and I had to capture it.

Adam's Gitzo 1540 with his Canon 100-400 mounted and his Lowepro 350aw at the River.

Adam’s Gitzo 1540 with his Canon 100-400 mounted and his Lowepro 350aw at the River.

Image 3 - December 2, 2012

Big frozen water drops on a fallen birch.

I really liked this scene as I walked by. I wanted it to appear as the grass stock is on fire.

I really liked this scene as I walked by. I wanted it to appear as if the grass stock was on fire.

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December 2, 2012 at 4:52 PM

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