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Vacation 2013 – The road to an empty nest begins!

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Before I begin, let me first say I am sorry for the length of time between posts. I have been taking a break from this blog to just do some shooting and over the past several months I have accumulated quite a few images and new blog posts will so follow. For now I will start by posting the first image of our annual family vacation. A vacation that will also see Kyla (our oldest daughter) start her adult life. Kyla is off to attend University and we are using this trip to bring her there and help her get settled in her first apartment. Today we left Yellowknife on route to Lethbridge. Our first stop is at Louise Falls Territorial Park. When we arrived we got settled and made dinner and after dinner a friend of mine, Adam Hill, came for a visit. Adam and I took a quick drive to Alexandra Falls and did a short photo shoot there. If you ever wonder how close photographers will get to their subject, let this shot of Adam inches from the 120 foot drop show you. We only shot for about 30 minutes but, had a great time. Adam is now on his way to Lady Evelyn Falls and I am here with the family and writing this post. Enjoy the photo, stay tuned for more from our trip and future post on my past images. Thanks for stopping by and as always Happy Shooting.

Image 1 August 3, 2013


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  1. Great picture!

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