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Vacation 2013 – Part 3 – Making your own images!

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Day 3 of our journey and it was a short travel day. Valleyview to Devon with no stops. We arrive at the Devon Lion’s Campground around 2:30 pm and set up our campsite. A late lunch and some time to just hang out and relax. We took Bella the Dog for a quick walk (after the thunder showers) and she was a mess. Bella’s first dog bath in the RV, lol! More resting and a quick trip through town to see what we can put on tomorrows agenda. Right now games are being played and a movie night is planned. Today as an exercise I decided it would be a good idea if we made our own landscapes. Kyla napped so she was out, Dale decided to read so, she was out and that left Megan, Jenna and myself. Jenna created a big sunset on a field of canola (she knows we are in Alberta, lol). Megan created a lone tree in a nice field (a prairie shot for sure). I decided to create a nice stream running across the landscape with a small waterfall. I even included my f-stop tilopa camera bag (purchased from Darwin Wiggett) and my Gitzo GT1540 traveller tripod (purchased from Adam Hill). Making our own images was a great idea and great fun. It did use a lot more time then we all planned but, it was a good way to kill an afternoon. Here are the three images we created. You can decide which one is best, I like them all. Thanks for following along, enjoy what we created and as always, Happy Shooting.

@ Jenna Sacrey
Jenna’s Golden Canola Sunset

@ Megan Sacrey Megan's Lone Tree

@ Megan Sacrey
Megan’s Lone Tree

@ Lee Sacrey Lee's A Stream Falls Through it

@ Lee Sacrey
Lee’s A Stream Falls Through it

Written by leesacrey

August 5, 2013 at 10:06 PM

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