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Vacation 2013 – Part 4 – Different strokes!

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Day 4 of our trip was a good one. Knowing Dale’s love off all things gardening (flowers more than anything), we decided a trip to the Devon Botanic Garden was in order. We have driven by it many times and have never stopped there until today. Megan told us that she wanted nothing to do with the butterfly area and would rather hang at the RV park. Jenna thought hanging with Megan sounded like a good idea and if there was going to be a possibility of bees even Megan wouldn’t be that bad (I added that last part, lol). So with Megan and Jenna staying put, that made it easy to decide where Bella the Dog would go. Dale, Kyla and I were off to see the garden. We arrived and started exploring. It would be interesting to see whet the others thought and if everyone would even capture any images. Kyla was using her DSLR with my old Minolta 100mm macro lens, Dale was just carrying her iPhone 4 and I had my DSLR with a 17 – 50mm f2.8 (no filters or anything, just the camera and lens). We walked around and took in the sights, sounds and smells for about 2 hours. We had, between us, several hundred images. Each of us photographed different with our different tools (as it says above, different strokes). We left the garden and headed back, picked up a few items at the store and then just relaxed before dinner. I loaded on our images and did post processing of only a few. We (Kyla, Dale and I) discussed the images and picked some to post here. As yesterday’s post had drawings from Megan and Jenna, today would have photographs from Dale and Kyla (as the writer I get to be in both posts, lol). Here is what we saw today at the Devon Botanic Garden. Enjoy the photos, thanks for visiting and as always Happy Shooting.


Kyla's Bee

Kyla’s Bee


Dale's Daisies

Dale’s Daisies


Lee's Landscape

Lee’s Landscape




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