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Vacation 2013 – Part 8 – The First Dinner!

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Another great day in southern Alberta. No one got up to early this morning, I was first and I did some organizing before any of the ladies were up. Bella the Dog decided at about 7:45 am that I had slept long enough and she jumped up on the couch and squeezed and squirmed until I had little to no room so, I got up and she then went back to sleep. I guess Bella thought that if Jenna could get away with taking my spot in the bed than she could take my spot on the couch, lol. It is a good thing our RV sleeps nine because I need the space. Once everyone was up, we ate and quickly made our way to Kyla’s. Yesterday Kyla got her power connected so, we went over and did laundry-let’s see how her budget works when four family members are in town, lol. I have a feeling mom will make sure everything is ok, if she hasn’t done that already. We tidied up and organized a few things while we were there and Megan got in some good Sims 3 playing time. Dale and I made a couple quick trips to the store for supplies and a few apartment needs. Megan and Jenna wanted to stay over at Kyla’s for a night before we start heading north and we heard about that several times today. What we did do for the first time was have a family dinner there. Pizza and Tacos was the meal of choice and during our dinner we helped Dale get caught up on some Walking Dead episodes (Kyla’s new TV rocks). We also put an old Bill Haley album and had the turntable spin the tunes while we hung some posters and a few other items. So the dishes were done, the trash was taken out and we were heading back to the RV. Remembering that I said I would have time the create some images, I decided to take a detour and went up to the Bridge for a few images. The light was fading fast as it was already 9:00 pm (man the sun sets fast here compared to Yellowknife). I wanted to try to get the setting sun and the worlds longest and highest train trestle (known as the High Level Bridge over the Oldman River) in one image. I found a place to get my shot and didn’t even get hit by traffic while doing it. It is too bad the light had faded because as I was setting up for my long exposure landscape a family of deer walked right in front of me about 40 metres away. I even had my 120 – 400mm with me but, it was way to dark to capture them. I did get a few bridge shots. Here is my favourite shot from tonight. Tomorrow, I am sure, will bring some more adventure but for now, enjoy this image. Thanks for hanging around and as always Happy Shooting.


Image 1 - August 10, 2013

Written by leesacrey

August 10, 2013 at 11:14 PM

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  1. Hi Lee; Have read your posts!! So happy you are having a great vacation. Love to all!!

    Loretta Beck

    August 11, 2013 at 8:12 PM

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