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Yesterday I did a post about the Eagle that Steve Schwarz and I encountered on our overnight trip. A trip that was about getting some Aurora photos. Well this post is about some of the Aurora images  I created on that trip. Before I get into the images I will give everyone a little background on a couple of things. First is the idea of bringing the travel trailer to a remote place and staying in it to get some Aurora photos. That idea came about from a conversation that Steve and I had about three weeks ago. I ran into Steve downtown and we were talking about his previous trip to an island on Great Slave Lake. I said I really would like to go on his next trip and we than discussed maybe taking the camper out to use a home for some Aurora work. Steve than mentioned that he was asked by someone in tourism for some Aurora shots with an RV or camper in them. He thought it would be a good idea for us to try to get some of those. Unfortunately someone else was thinking the same thing, Dave Brosha posted an image from one of the parks with the Aurora over someones travel trailer. However, considering our island adventure was not going to happen and plan b was to go out with the trailer, we thought we would capture some images with the Aurora above our overnight home regardless of being first to do it or not. So, there is the first item that needed some background information, the second is about photographing the Aurora. Here in Yellowknife we are a little spoiled when it comes to being able to view mother nature’s lights and I certainly have taken my share of Aurora images in my time here in the north. With that said I will explain that I quite often don’t go out when the Aurora is on display. I am not one of those people who needs to be out for every light show. I actually have a better time with this subject when there are others out. I enjoy the company, I enjoy discussing what everyone is capturing and seeing other photographer’s images. For me to want to really get out and shoot the northern lights requires a little more than just the lights themselves. Capturing a great landscape with the Aurora would cause me to want to adventure out, reflections of the Aurora on the water is another, sometimes shooting in a new location may do it but, as for the lights themselves, well I am not always that excited to capture them. I could probably just sit and watch them more than trying to always capture an image. So there it is, I said it! Don’t great me wrong I love great images of the lights, just not the stuff that seems to be out there in quantity. My family can motivate me to go just by saying they would like to go with me. Being out under the lights with family is always great and the family time is never bad. This trip was to capture the Aurora in a new location, with a friend and some great conversation. As I said company is always a bonus. Steve, I am sure, took more Aurora images then I did, he found the better locations and was using multiple cameras to do his work. He probably even has some better images, either way I had a great night out and enjoyed my time with camera in hand. Maybe I will get Steve to write a guest blog post to show some of his Aurora work. For now here are some of my images from friday nights display, enjoy them and thanks for hanging out. Of course as I always say Happy Shooting.


Image 1 - September 15, 2013



Image 2 - September 15, 2013



Image 3 - September 15, 2013



Image 4 - September 15, 2013



Image 5 - September 15, 2013


Written by leesacrey

September 15, 2013 at 9:01 PM

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