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13 for 2013

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As 2013 comes to a close I went back and looked through all my images for the year, there weren’t as many as I thought but never the less, it was a great year of photography for me. I spent most of the year not worrying about posting or blogging but just focused more on things I wanted to see and do. I can honestly say I really enjoyed 2013. I decided I would pick 13 of my favourite images and do a post with those images. The images would need to span the entire year and they would need to show different subject matter not just landscapes (although most of them will be).  It was actually much easier then I expected it to be and in a few hours I was down to around 25 images or so. I continued to reduce the number down, 19, 17, 15 and finally the 13 images shown below. Remembering taking each image was as rewarding as seeing my final choices. Again it was a great year. Out of the thousands of images I had taken in 2013 here are the ones I decided I enjoyed most (in no particular order). I hope you enjoy them as well. Thanks for following along this past year and stay tuned for images from 2014. As always Happy Shooting.

Image 1 - December 28, 2013



Image 2 - December 28, 2013



Image 3 - December 28, 2013



Image 4 - December 28, 2013



Image 5 - December 28, 2013



Image 6 - December 13, 2013



Image 7 - December 28, 2013



Image 8 - December 28, 2013



Image 9 - December 28, 2013



Image 10 - December 28, 2013



Image 11 - December 28, 2013



Image 12 - December 28, 2013



Image 13 - December 28, 2013

Vacation 2013 – Part 22 – The Finale!

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Today was our last day for this trip. Leaving August 3 and returning August 24, that is actually a short summer trip for us but, this was maybe the most important considering the cargo we were delivering. Kyla is in her new home and seems quite content, I am not so sure we are yet, lol. Today was a wet one it started to rain shortly after we left Twin Falls and it continued to rain all the way to Yellowknife and even continued while we unpacked the RV. We are settled in at home and resting. Good friends brought us dinner (thanks guys) and we had a good visit. Now to get back to our regular everyday lives but, before that happens we just booked a camp site at Sambaa Deh Falls Territorial Park for the weekend. I guess there will be at least one more trip this year. Did we enjoy our trip? Well I will let Jenna the Ham answer that with her sticking herself in some images. Thanks to all of you who followed along this year and stayed plugged in for some new post. Enjoy the last of the images from this thread and as always Happy Shooting.


Image 1 - August 24, 2013



Image 2 - August 24, 2013



Image 3 - August 24, 2013

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August 24, 2013 at 11:33 PM

Vacation 2013 – The road to an empty nest begins!

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Before I begin, let me first say I am sorry for the length of time between posts. I have been taking a break from this blog to just do some shooting and over the past several months I have accumulated quite a few images and new blog posts will so follow. For now I will start by posting the first image of our annual family vacation. A vacation that will also see Kyla (our oldest daughter) start her adult life. Kyla is off to attend University and we are using this trip to bring her there and help her get settled in her first apartment. Today we left Yellowknife on route to Lethbridge. Our first stop is at Louise Falls Territorial Park. When we arrived we got settled and made dinner and after dinner a friend of mine, Adam Hill, came for a visit. Adam and I took a quick drive to Alexandra Falls and did a short photo shoot there. If you ever wonder how close photographers will get to their subject, let this shot of Adam inches from the 120 foot drop show you. We only shot for about 30 minutes but, had a great time. Adam is now on his way to Lady Evelyn Falls and I am here with the family and writing this post. Enjoy the photo, stay tuned for more from our trip and future post on my past images. Thanks for stopping by and as always Happy Shooting.

Image 1 August 3, 2013

You are guaranteed to see wildlife if you bring your own!

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With John Marriott in Yellowknife a few of us really wanted to see some wildlife. Seeing John in his element would have been amazing. However, we knew that the chance of us actually seeing something with about twenty people wandering around was not very likely. A good friend of mine, Trudy Hause, had other ideas. Trudy said if we wanted to see wildlife then we just needed to bring our own. Trudy arranged for a model (Arielle Taekema) to appear during our field work. Arielle would be made up to look like a lynx. I am not sure how much time Trudy and Arielle spent preparing but, based on the results I would guess it was quite a bit. I don’t shoot people very often and I wasn’t really sure how Trudy’s plan would go but, I thought in would be fun. I just didn’t think it would be that interesting for me to photography. Well, I was wrong! Once the process began, I couldn’t seem to get enough of the photo shoot. I took just over four hundred images and had a blast doing it. Here are the images I liked from our Sunday morning Lynx shoot. I hope you have as much fun looking at them as I did shooting. Well that’s all for now, enjoy, thanks for being here and as always Happy Shooting!


Image 1 - April 25, 2013








DSC00719 (1)

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April 25, 2013 at 7:00 AM

Face Off 2012

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On November 4, 2012 there was a photo competition held here in Yellowknife. The event was organized by Pat Kane, who is one of the best, if not the best, photographer there is. The event was set up this way, twenty photographers had signed up. They weren’t given a location, they weren’t given a time, all they were given was the information that they would have twenty minutes to photograph two models (ten minutes each). They were allowed only one camera and one lens, lighting was allowed but, setting up lights would be included in your twenty minutes shoot time. They were also allowed one prop. Sounds like fun right? I thought so and signed up as soon as it was announced. Twenty-four hours before the shoot you would be given your time and told to be there fifteen or twenty minutes before. One hour before your shoot time you would be given the location. Once you arrived you could take a few minutes to look around and once your time started you had to move quickly. There was someone timing you and they would yell out at five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes and at the end would count down your last few seconds. Sounds like even more fun now, right? I can tell you this, the anticipation leading up to the day of the shoot was almost as much fun as the shoot itself.

After you were done you had twenty-four hours to submit your images (what you thought were your best of each model) to Pat. To add to the anticipation, the photographers would have to keep their images from being viewed (secrecy  was very important so you couldn’t influence voting). On November 28 there was the event final. Each Photographer’s two images would be on display but, no one would know who images were who’s . They would be numbered (in pairs) and the people coming to view them would vote on the best images. First prize would go to the best pair, second to the best individual photo and third to the second best individual photo. Again the anticipation was thrilling. There was lots of amazing work. I was amazed at how creative people could be with only twenty minutes. Photographers brought sketches of what they wanted to do, one even brought a script to have the models act out while he photographed. Crazy creative stuff, I felt way out of my element but I was having a blast.

At the very end the prizes were handed out and each photographer could take the printed images. I could tell you the winners but, I will leave that for Pat Kane to post.

The event was amazing and I can’t wait to do it again. For now though, here is a sample of what I captured during my shoot time. Thanks for hanging around, enjoy and as always, Happy Shooting. Oh and if you are around Yellowknife when the next Face Off happens, be sure to sign up.

Image 1 - November 30, 2012

Image 2 - November 30, 2012

Image 3 - November 30, 2012

Image 4 - November 30, 2012

Image 5 - November 30, 2012

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November 30, 2012 at 7:00 AM

Camping at Fred Henne Territorial Park – part 2

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Saturday, our first full day of our weekend camping trip and our second night at the park. Similar to the previous day, I wandered around the area capturing different images. I planned to hike the Prospector’s Trail but, that was put off until Sunday Evening as a friend of mine said he would join me on the hike. While hiking around the cliffs on Long Lake, I happened to see a Loon just off in the distance. Megan, ran back to get my second camera with my longer lens attached. Once a had my second camera I was off to follow the Loon. I spent maybe an hour or so hiking back and forth between to different rock outcrops trying to get in front of this beautiful bird. I believe the Loon knew what I was doing and he toyed with me, getting me to move back and forth, back and forth, while not getting the shot I wanted. I did fill two memory cards with Loon images and hopefully when I get through them all I will have at least a couple of great shots. Once I returned to the campsite Jenna insisted I set-up the dome tent. I mean what else could you want at the campground, we have a 30ft travel trailer, with air, dvd system, full bath, flat screen tv, fridge, stove, we even had internet. What we needed was a three person dome tent so we could sleep on the hard ground. Jenna and I did stay in the tent and it was actually a great night. Before we called it a night I got a few shots of Jenna and Bella the dog in the tent.  So, here is what I captured on our second night at Fred Henne. Enjoy, thanks for following along and as always Happy Shooting.











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August 13, 2012 at 7:00 AM

Summer Travels 2012 – part 11

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For the past few years the girls want to visit antique stores at the places we travel. Jenna, who is ten, always says that we should go picking, which to her is what we do when we go to the antique stores. There are several antique stores here in Lethbridge and we did visit quite a few. We made purchases in three of them. In the first, which I believe was Antiques on 9th, Kyla found a Lennon and McCartney piano, vocal and guitar chord book and I saw an old Konica camera. The camera was a Konica S, which the company said was for standard, it is a range finder camera with a 48 mm f2.8 lens. I had never seen one of these before and this one looked to be in excellent condition. It had the leather case and strap, the manual and even the brochure from the store in Toronto where it was purchased. Inside the case there was an address written and there was a name and address stuck to the back of the camera. The lady at the antique store said she got it at an estate sale here in Lethbridge, it was from a couple who had moved from Ontario and had no children to pass the items down to. I really liked the camera and the store was asking forty dollars for it. I decided it would make a good show piece on a shelf somewhere. It would be the start of an antique camera collection, I thought. When I got back to our campsite I looked the camera over and still couldn’t believe the condition. I thought that the camera might actually work. I brought some 35 mm film with me as I was already carrying my Minolta Maxxum 7 and I knew the Konica S used 35 mm film. I attempted to load some film and proceeded to shoot with the camera but, something didn’t feel right. I actually took the manual and reread the part about loading film. I was sure I did it right but, I thought I would open the back and see what was happening. If that ruined the film that would be fine, I had loaded some out dated Kodak 400 Max film anyway. To my surprise the film wasn’t actually rolling off and I hadn’t gotten any images. This was actually a blessing in disguise as I was using the first roll to learn how the camera and its manual focus system worked. I reloaded the film and now, with my new-found knowledge, went about taking a full roll of Megan and Jenna at the swimming pool. I really have a new appreciation for photographers from fifty or sixty years ago. This old camera was hard to use, the newer film cameras and the new digital ones make things so much easier. Even in manual mode my new camera makes life very easy. This Konica S has all the controls on the lens, aperture, shutter speed, asa (film speed) the type of metering, the self timer and of course the focus ring are all on the lens. The focus ring actually shows the distance from the subject and throughout the view finder (which is both the view finder and range finder) there is a small square in the centre which shows two different colour images, you have the turn the focus ring until both images overlap perfectly. In addition there is a meter on top of the camera which tells you if your exposure is set correctly. It has a needle that has to line up with an arrow on one side. To far one way and you image is over exposed and to far the other it will be under exposed. It was taking me quite a while to get set up for any image, however did photographers back in the day use these things. I managed to get through a roll of film and was imagining how horrible the photos were going to be but, I was bring the film to the London Drugs Photo Lab and was hoping they won’t laugh at how bad the photos were. While waiting for my film a decided to do some more research. The Konica S was introduced in 1959 by the Konishiroku Photo Ind. Co. Ltd in Tokyo Japan. It had a choice of lenses, a Hexanon 50 mm f1.8, a Hexanon 48 mm f2.0 or a Hexar 48 mm f2.8. Mine has the Hexar 48 mm. Mine has the Everready Case and a Konifilter UV filter. It was purchased at the Japan Camera Centre, 4 Edward Street, Toronto. There is a date written in the manual, which I assume is the date of purchase, that date is September 12, 1960. Inside the brochure there is a price written of $ 89 but, it looks to have been written recently (I can’t find an original price online anywhere yet). Collectiblend.com has a price range of $ 50 to $ 60 dollars for average condition, $ 70 – $ 80 for very good and $ 120 – $ 140 for mint condition. Based on that I got a deal. Anyway back to the images. Below are some shots of the Konica S and three shots that were taken with the fifty-two year old camera. This thing is going to be fun. I hope you enjoy the images, thanks for reading and as always Happy Shooting. Tomorrow, I promise I will be back to vacation images.

The Konica S in it’s Everready Case.

Jenna in the Bridgeview RV Resort pool.

Megan runs in!


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July 21, 2012 at 7:00 AM

Aurora Ukrainian Dancers – What Kyla Saw!

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If you read my last post then here is what you would have been waiting for (Hughie you asked first, lol)! Anytime I take Kyla with me to a shoot, it is a blast. Kyla has no fear when capturing images. She isn’t concerned about going out and getting the world’s greatest images, she just wants to photograph for the fun of it. For the Aurora Ukrainian Dancers, I knew taking Kyla along would give them images that they just wouldn’t get if I went alone. Kyla, although she shot a lot of the expected dancer shots, would seek out different views of the event, a real artist’s view of things. Kyla would capture images that would tell a completely different story about the show, giving some insight into another side of the show that you just won’t get from sitting in your seat. If you are part of the dance group and really want photos of the dancers as they appeared on stages, don’t worry Kyla captured a few hundred of those but, included with them are some images shown below which I felt were some of Kyla’s more interesting images. Great job Kyla, I can’t wait until you join me again (so you can make me look bad again, lol). For those of you following along, enjoy. Thanks for being here and as always, Happy Shooting.

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March 26, 2012 at 11:12 PM

Aurora Ukrainian Dancers

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A couple on months ago I was asked if I would be interested in shooting the Aurora Ukrainian Dancers event at NACC (The North Arts and Cultural Centre). Without really thinking too much, I said yes. As the event got closer and closer I started to think about what I would need to do. This may be a problem, this puts me way outside my comfort zone, I shoot landscapes and I can do that when even the lighting is the way I want. No need to worry too much about the light source I need as our closest star provides all the light I usually need. This event was going to be a challenge! I would be shooting an event where the main lights were turned off and the subjects would be lit by bright spot lights. In addition to that the subjects would be moving and I would need a fast enough shutter speed to capture them clearly. I started to think this was going to really bad for the Aurora Ukrainian Dancers. I guess not getting paid for this might mean that the client would get exactly what they were paying for, lol. About a week before the final dress rehearsal a photographer friend of mine, Dave Brosha, posted something that really helped. Dave had posted a comment to photographers saying not to be scared of doing photography for free. Basically saying that a shoot will provide experience and a chance to improve your skills. I should say that I really wasn’t that concerned about the shoot but, I did feel it would be a big challenge to get some good usable images. The day finally arrived and I was quite happy to be shooting. I went to the final dress rehearsal and had the entire place to myself, no seats being used that night. It will be a good time to really understand how I need to set the camera up. The lighting and sound guys told me that the lighting and sound would be set up the same as the nights of the show. As rehearsal begin I would move around snapping images and checking what settings were working and which ones I needed to change. After the 2 and a half hours I spent, I felt like I was ready for this shoot. The next night I was getting ready when Kyla asked if she could come as well (or I may have asked). Knowing that she would shoot the event differently than I would, I thought it would be great to have her shoot there as well. She was very willing to go. We had a great night together shooting the dancers. It was so much fun that Kyla decided she would go back the next night as well. It was a blast, an amazingly fun event for us and although Kyla needed some help with settings, her images a great and the dancers will be happy that I brought her. Now I have the task of going through over 2,100 images. Post processing may take some time. For now here are a few images from each of the nights, stay tuned for more images including some of Kyla’s. Thanks for stopping by and as always, Happy Shooting.

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March 25, 2012 at 8:16 PM

Golden Bear and the Three Girls!

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If you follow this little blog of might, you will probably remember that a short time ago I purchased some studio lights. Recently, I ordered a second set of umbrellas. The original ones that came with my light kit are reflective umbrellas and I was told that I should get some shoot through umbrellas as I may have better results with that type. So, I ordered two convertible umbrellas. These umbrellas allow me to use them a reflective or, if I remove the black outer layer, I can have the light shine through the umbrellas. When they arrived I thought I would set-up a photo shoot that would allow me to try them out. I sent out a notice that I would like to do a shoot of either headshots or tattoos. I got a couple of people interested and we set a time to take some images. When the day arrived, I arranged our family room into a make shift studio. I set-up the lights, move some furniture and even took down the artwork on some of the walls. Normally, when we are doing a shoot inside we will hang some solid background sheets on the folded table tennis table but, for this shoot I was going to use the solid coloured wall. That would give me a little more room to shoot. Once the set-up was complete, I decided to get a few practice shoots in and with three daughters in the house, finding subjects (or models) is pretty easy. Kyla, of course, brought down her own camera and captured a few images of her own. The girls and I played photographer and models for about forty-five minutes. For most of the images I used my a77 and a wide-angle zoom lens (11 – 18mm). After our family shoot wound down, two people came by and we chatted for a bit and then I tried to capture some images of art on a human canvas. It was a fun evening, but I learned that I still have a lot of lighting techniques to learn. It may be time to hire Dave Brosha to come over for some teaching. I thought I would post some images I took of the girls and the giant teddy bear (who lives in the family room). Here is a sample of the family fun. Enjoy, thanks for being here and as always Happy Shooting.

Kyla and Golden Bear

Jenna - I whip my hair back and forth!

Specs (Megan) - going a little close to a wide angle lens.

Jenna and Golden Bear.

Kyla and Golden Bear - 2

The Real Jenna.

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February 7, 2012 at 9:00 AM