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Go north to Paulatuk.

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Back in July of this year I was able to travel to Paulatuk for work. For those readers who don’t know Paulatuk, here is a little info; Paulatuk is a hamlet in the Inuvik Region of the NWT (about 400 km east on Inuvik). It is in Darnley Bay on the Amundsen Gulf in the Arctic Ocean. Paulatuk means place of coal, named for the coal found there back in the 1920s. There are around 310 people who live in the Hamlet. I had never been to Paulatuk before and was really looking forward to the trip. Although it was a work trip I knew there would be time for photography, with the sun being up 24 hours there had to be time for photography, lol. Each night after work, usually around 8 or 8:30 pm I would head out to explore, some nights with a fishing rod and some with a camera and a couple with both. Surprisingly, there is a lot of road to travel around Paulatuk. Garry, my business partner, and I had a truck to use and we explored almost everywhere the truck would take us. My favourite drive was the Rat Lake Road. Rat Lake appears to be made by the Hornaday River and the Hornaday is the river that flows through Tuktut Nogait National Park. Although the Park is around 40 km away, Garry got me as close as he could and I even got to put my feet in the Hornaday. It was awesome and it was cold, lol. In addition to the amazing landscape, Paulatuk offered up some great wildlife experiences. In my six days I saw 5 Grizzly Bears, a Caribou Buck, lots of Sik-Siks, and several types of birds. It was an amazing trip. On September 27 I will head back to Paulatuk for another work related trip and I will bring my camera gear so, hopefully I can capture some more of Paulatuk’s beauty. For now here is a sample of what I saw in early July. Enjoy thanks for being around and as always Happy Shooting.


Image 1 - September 16, 2013



Image 2 - September 16, 2013



Image 3 - September 16, 2013



Image 4 - September 16, 2013



Image 5 - September 16, 2013



Image 6 - September 16, 2013



Image 7 - September 16, 2013



Image 8 - September 16, 2013



Image 9 - September 16, 2013



Image 10 - September 16, 2013

Written by leesacrey

September 16, 2013 at 12:27 PM

2 Responses

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  1. Great stuff, Lee!

    John E Marriott

    September 16, 2013 at 1:38 PM

    • Thanks John, Looks like a good location for us both, maybe we should go to Tuktut Nogait!


      September 16, 2013 at 9:39 PM

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